Non-partisan Policy

Purpose – The purpose of this policy is to enable the League as an organization to carry on with service to voters, information to citizens, and lobbying and campaigning on issues. The policy distinguishes between the League as an organization and the rights of its individual members. The League advocates it positions on public issues after member study and consensus. In order to protect the nonpartisan reputation of the LWV, the League recognizes the necessity of limitation on partisan political activity of LWV leaders and board members.

General – The League of Women Voters of Haverford Township is a nonpartisan organization that does not support or oppose any political party or candidate. The League’s effectiveness lies in its ability to take strong positions on issues in the public interest, without regard for partisan affiliation. The League also encourages participation in local government by informing citizens about their rights and responsibilities as voters.

The Policy as it applies to Board Members – Board members shall not engage in visible support of local or national political candidates.  A League Board member may not be a candidate for any elective office or serve in any position in a political party. Board members may attend fundraising events and make campaign contributions, but may not be actively involved in a political party or campaign. Board members should use discretion to ensure that their personal political activities are not identified with the League in the public mind. If any questions arise regarding the non-partisan policy, the matter will come before the Board for interpretation and discussion. Board members may not lobby for a position in opposition to or in conflict with a League position.

The Policy as it applies to Members – The League prides itself on having a membership composed of diverse, informed women and men. Its individual members are encouraged to participate fully in party politics and in government at all levels. Many League members have strong affiliations with political parties or candidates, or are elected officials themselves. They have the right to lobby on any side of any issue; however, they have an obligation to make it clear if they oppose a League position that they are not representing the League of Women Voters.

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